The Cottondale Wood Products history is one of evolution.

We originally started as a family-operated hardwood sawmill and concentration yard in the 1940s. We produced ammunition boxes during the Vietnam War and turned primarily to crating after the war ended. Over time, crating evolved from wood to corrugated boxes. Looking toward the beverage industry, we turned to high-end pallets for its use, eventually introducing our first nailing machine, a Viking Unimatic, in 1998.

Since that time, Cottondale became one of the largest stringer pallet manufacturers in the Southeast. Now as the pallet market evolves from stringer to block pallets Cottondale Wood Products once again is on the leading edge producing more than a million block pallets a year. As change remains a constant part of industry, we embrace this evolution.

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Cottondale is one of the oldest women-owned businesses in Alabama, with the state recognizing us as a women-owned minority business. In this light, we satisfy any supplier diversity program you have in place.