Cottondale Wood Products was an early adopter of the Pallet Design System (PDS), a pallet design software program developed by Virginia Tech and the NWPCA.

PDS Benefits

PDS enables the pallet manufacturer to help customers design and test various pallets. PDS provides a detail drawing and specifications of the pallet, as well as analytical tools such as load capacity, life cycles, lateral collapse, racking and durability studies. PDS is widely used to limit any potential liability from a pallet failure.

Passing the Savings On to You

To help customers achieve the greatest potential pallet savings with PDS, Cottondale sends an experienced representative to your facility so we can fully target your pallet needs. Several PDS options offer savings for your overall pallet cost.

Heat Treatment Services ISPM 15 Certified

Cottondale Wood Products is certified by Timber Products Inspection, Inc. in Alabama. A copy of our certificate is available on request. We can provide all of your heat treatment needs whether they include pallets, crates or dunnage. We can also recertify your existing pallets to make them eligible for re-export, and provide heat treatment services to other pallet companies and pallet recyclers.

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